- All shows need an i-pod accessible sound system with 1 head set microphone -

All KEHEWIN NATIVE DANCE THEATRE shows can be performed in theatres, community halls, gyms and outdoor festivals. 

Sound and lights are available, unless host can support.

Shows Touring 2022/23


A collection of 3 traditional trickster stories told with the use of larger than life masks. It includes 3 Pow Wow dance styles which are performed in between each story and a phenomenal solo Hoop Dance.

Tech Support: The size of area we need to perform is 15' x 10', in this way the

dancers, especially the hoop dancer has room to maneuver. We need a sound system with auxiliary option for our I pod for the dancers' music and 2 lapel or headset microphones

GRAND ENTRY (20 minute show)

Grand Entry presentation of Pow Dancing that includes a solo special of each style and ends with a solo Hoop Dance.


What is the importance of the drum, the meaning of the dance and the designs worn by the dancers?  These questions and more are answered through song and dance in a vibrant display of Traditional & Contemporary Pow Wow dancing that includes a riveting rendition of the Hoop Dance performed to contemporary music and ends with the audience joining in on a Round Dance/Friendship Dance.

Eagles’ Gift to the People (20 minutes)

Dance & Storytelling performance of when the Eagles gave the human beings the gift of courage to keep dancing after Indigenous/First Nations dances and ceremonies were outlawed.  Includes 4 Pow Wow styles and a solo hoop dance.


Trickster, a huge part of the Indigenous world for thousands of years, is born of the stories of the people.   After the coming of the Europeans, the effects of the trains, starvation and residential schools, many of Trickster’s stories are no longer told.  After he People move farther and farther away from their connection to earth, history and culture and hope seems lost,  The Human Beings discover that it is through the language, dance, stories and culture that the healing will return.   They realize the need for the stories, for Trickster to return and remain in the lives of the Human Beings for generations to come.  The hope for the future is displayed through an awe-inspiring team hoop dance to contemporary music.


During the 4 week KEHEWIN NATIVE DANCE THEATRE Dance Camp 2016, 8 young women from the Kehewin and Saddle Lake First Nations came together in this show to commemorate murdered and missing Indigenous women and children. The hope is to raise awareness on this issue and create a space for dialogue-based community discussions on this issue.  The show includes a breathtaking team Hoop Dance Finale to Contemporary music

NIPI: WATER IS LIFE (40 minutes)

A blend of Contemporary and Pow Wow dance show that covers the historic relationship between Native people and water, the drastic changes that have come about because of the disrespect shown to the water and the need to re-establish that relationship.  It includes a dynamic Team Hoop Dance Finale.

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