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The workshop leaders come to classrooms, corporate functions, youth events and more

dressed in traditional attire and share the stories and the methods of each craft.

We also provide interactive community workshops, performances and classroom visits.

All materials are included.  


Kehewin Native Dance Theatre has creative Native resource materials for teachers and educators for all ages.


 Masks Making

Bear, Wolf & Bird Masks

 Learn to make a take home craft.  These are 1/2 hour to 2 hour workshops 

Hoop Dance and Hoop Making

Participants learn the traditional teachings behind the dance.

Participants can appreciate the hoop dance by learning the techniques and being able to create a 3 hoop picture combination and how to make their own hoops. Hoop making can take up to several hours or can be divided into 2 days. 

Talking Feathers & Medicine Wheels

 Learn to use sinew, willow, feathers and beads while you learn the significance of each color and every material you use to make a take home craft. 

These are 1/2 hour to 2 hour workshops where the participants learn to make the craft as well as learn the traditional teachings behind the craft of choice. 

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